When we experience stress, we tend to look for an escape: find a more quite space, find something else to do, or even find a confrontation to reduce the stress. There are situations where escaping stress is more difficult, and being incarcerated in youth care is one of those situations.

But there are ways, even in these situations, to reduce stress. And new technologies like sensoring and biofeedback can help make people more aware of their stress level, help them better control their anxiety and make them mentally more resilient.



We challenge you to come up with new ideas to use stress measuring and biofeedback to create meaningful interventions: concepts where apps, games, devices or other interactions help young people in institutions better take control of their anxiety.


Expected result 

A new stress-reducing concept suited for these conditions and a usable prototype.


Hope to see you Thursday at Campus Party EU, you can join the challenge at:

Jury and Prizes



Frederique Coelman (Spirit Youth care)

Karin Alfenaar (U CREATE centre of expertise)

Anita Cremers (Utrecht University of Applied Sciences / TNO)

Astrid Jansen (VNG association of Dutch municipalities)




The winning team will be given the opportunity to present their idea to the Dutch State Secretary for Health, Welfare and Sport

Also, there will be a 5000 euro budget available to further develop the winning concept together with Spirit.

And last but not least, the winning team in the Stress-less competition will be given a completely stress-less weekend in either Barcelona or Amsterdam ! (depending on your preference)


Hope to see you Thursday at Campus Party EU, you can join the challenge at: